Warehouse Management and Procurement System (WMPS)


  • Developed a comprehensive warehouse management and procurement system to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Centralized and standardized product catalogs, facilitating easier and more consistent product identification and classification.
  • Revamped request workflows, ensuring quicker response times and more efficient order processing.
  • Automatically monitored stock levels, triggering reorder processes when levels were deemed insufficient.
  • Seamlessly integrated the management of goods received from external vendors, ensuring accurate and timely updates to warehouse inventory.

Project Outcome

The introduction of WMPS led to significant improvements in warehouse operations. Stockouts reduced markedly due to the proactive stock level monitoring, leading to fewer disruptions in operations. Streamlined request workflows reduced processing times, thus accelerating order fulfillment rates. With standardized product catalogs, staff could identify and locate products more quickly, leading to a decrease in picking errors. Overall, the system greatly enhanced operational efficiency, ensuring a smoother and more reliable supply chain.

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