Employee Performance Evaluation System (EPES)

Employee Performance Evaluation System (EPES) Visit


  • Developed an integrated employee performance evaluation system designed to streamline and automate the assessment process within the organization.
  • Allowed managers and HR professionals to facilitate regular performance assessments, ensuring that employee contributions were accurately and consistently recognized.
  • Built-in features automated bonus computations based on predefined metrics and generated comprehensive reports for management review, providing valuable insights into employee performance.
  • Acted as a repository, storing and managing vital personal data such as roles, departments, and salary information, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

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Project Outcome

With the implementation of EPES, the organization experienced a more structured and data-driven approach to performance evaluations. The automated bonus computation reduced errors and biases, leading to a fairer distribution based on performance. Comprehensive reporting provided management with insights into departmental and individual performance, aiding in decision-making processes. Additionally, the centralized management of personal data reduced redundancies and data retrieval times, leading to smoother HR operations and increased employee trust in the system.

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