Minimalist CV (Astro component)

Minimalist CV (Astro component) Star

Astro component to display a print-friendly and minimalist CV inspired by BartoszJarocki/cv.


npm install cv-astro

Your Astro project must be configured to use TailwindCSS

Configure your TailwindCSS config to include the styles in the cv-astro package:

// tailwind.config.ts
import type { Config } from 'tailwindcss'

export default {
  content: [

    // Add the following line
  theme: {
    extend: {},
  plugins: [],
} satisfies Config

Import the component in your Astro project:

import CV from 'cv-astro';
<CV {...cvData}/>

cvData is an object implementing the ICVData type interface defined in src/cv.d.ts:

interface ICvData {
  info: IPersonalInfo;
  experience?: IExperience[];
  volunteering?: IVolunteer[];
  education?:  IEducation[];
  certifications?: ICertification[];
  skills?: ISkill[];
  projects?: IProject[];
  order?: ECvSection[];
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